Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Otto and Zoe

Happy Birthday to Otto and Zoe

             Our big girl is turning 3!! We celebrated her and Otto's birthdays this last weekend at our new home in Dammeron Valley with Richard's family who came down for UEA weekend. Zoe asked for a strawberry cake, decorated like a farm. I told kayla to just sprinkle on some manure and add some farm animals, but she didn't think that was a good idea. Instead she crafted a quaint little farm with pretzel stick fences, and a cookie crumb garden.

The cake was scrumptious and had cream cheese frosting and a strawberry whipped cream filling. 
Grandma and Grandpa Anderson sent down the cutest play kitchen for little Zoes.

She absolutely loved it. She has been playing with it and all of the dishes and food her grandma and grandpa savage gave her ever since the party. 
She also got a cute shopping cart, legos and a book!

Zoe especially enjoyed all of the treats she was able to have.

Zoe thoroughly enjoyed her cake. well, she loved the frosting and the whipped cream at least! she ate most of the frosting using the farm animals as utensils! ha!

Otto wasn't exactly sure how to take everything but he sure knew what to do with his cake! Richard made a perfect chocolate cake with raspberry filling. He even made his own fondant and it turned out great! I for one was very impressed with his cake crafting skills!

He got lots of fun presents from all of his family! blocks, books, stacking bowls, and a cute hat!

over all it was a beautiful day celebrating our babies birthdays! We are so lucky to have these beautiful kids in our family and we love them to bits! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

TO: Grandma

Dear Grandma Savage,
           One of the greatest regrets of my life may be having never sent you this letter. A thousand times I have written in it in my head and meant to get it out on paper. And now I have procrastinated until it is too late.
           I wanted to tell you what an example you have been. I wanted to call your attention to your ever-growing posterity. To show you what a vast impact you have had on so many lives. I wanted to tell you how much I loved to see your ever smiling face, to hear your voice singing " 'Neath the crust of the old apple pie....".
            You and grandpa have received through your faithfulness, the promise given of the Lord to Abraham; that your seed shall not be numbered. I wonder if it ever crossed your mind as you raised my father, and my uncles and aunts, that one day your diligence in teaching them the gospel would save so many generations. The strength of the family you raised was like granite, as your children have grown and had families of their own, have taught them the gospel and are now watching their own children, your grandchildren, do the same with their babies. All the while, you continued as an unfailing witness of Christ to all around you.
             I will always remember the numerous occasions when we would come to visit, and you would share with us something you had read from the teachings of the prophets, or in the scriptures, or something that you had thought of. Truly I have long looked upon my grandparents as the spiritual foundation of the family.
            Your laugh is deeper than a sound to your grandchildren. It is happiness, it is Christmas, it is love. Memories of you are of games, good food, jokes, family stories, and big hugs. It just wasn't a family activity if Grandma wasn't there.
           Your love was well known to your grandchildren. One of my favorite things you did was to write me a letter. I was leaving on my mission in a few months, and seemingly out of the blue came a letter from grandma in the mail. Unfortunately I lost that letter on the flight to England, and I couldn't tell you anything it said. However, I will always know what it was about. It was about faith, encouragement, recognition, and the tender love of a grandma for a grandson as he was about to leave home and family. Thank you.
           I love you with all of my heart, and I already cannot wait to see you again, and get a big grandma hug.

Your Grandson,

p.s. i'll make sure my mother accidentally rolls the car window up on Zoe's fingers for you, sings the underwear song, and teaches her to play rook

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Long Awaited Delivery

In life, there are a few moments that change it entirely. One such moment for Kayla and myself came at 3:06 a.m. on October the 21st, 2011.

Thursday morning, October the 20th, we went in to visit our OBGYN Dr. Laine for Kayla's 39 week appointment (full term is 37) and she told us that if we so desired, we could go to the hospital that afternoon to have Kayla induced. To all those who have been 39 weeks pregnant, I'm sure that you understand that Kayla was more than willing. As was I.

We were admitted to the hospital around 3:30 and spent a very boring few hours before the real excitement began. At about 11:00 contractions got strong, and about the same time Kayla's epidural decided to become ineffective, and the anesthesiologist was occupied with another patient's c-section.

Luckily the anesthesiologist was back before pushing time to re-administer, and so all was well, even though he was a creeper. Now came the real ordeal, getting the baby out.

All went well until she got her head out. I was on one side of the bed holding Kayla's hand and a nurse was on the other; Dr. Laine was at the front directing traffic. Within a matter of seconds, there were at least 80 more nurses in the room, and I was kindly, but firmly told to get out of the way. Our daughter's head was out, but the rest of her seemed reluctant to appear.

 It turns out that her left shoulder was stuck under Kayla's pelvic bone. In medicine (as I was told), this is called shoulder dystocia, and was the most terrifying moment  of my life. Baby's head is blue and not breathing, crying, or showing any signs of life, there's a sharp note of panic in the doctor's voice as she yells for Dr. Macy, and it's not just me who's noted the panic, but Kayla too, adding to her trauma. This is the time when the shortest, yet most desperate prayers are offered, Dear God, please help. It was all I could do. In that moment of helplessness I turned over all I love into his hands. All this happened in about 4 minutes. Then Dr. Macy came.

The best way to describe Dr. Macy's arrival is by comparison. Think of Gandalf the White, arriving over the top of the hill at Helms Deep with the army, like Maximus and the "ruffians" showing up to save Flynn Rider, or the stripling warriors arriving to save Antipus' army from the Lamanites.  A old veteren OB, with confidence almost palpable she cleared a path issuing orders, and a minute later out popped Zoe. Prayers answered.

A tense moment passed, and then came that beautiful cry. She was alive and breathing. Not yet out of the woods, but she was at least alive. She wasn't using her left shoulder, I went with her to the nursery while momma stayed behind. In the nursery she perked up when she got her shot and started to cry and flail... both arms! All was well, and she suffered no long term complications due to her stuck shoulder. As aptly put by Dr. Laine, "Those are the moments that make us have brown pants".

It took a while, but all soon settled down and we were taken to the maternity ward to enjoy our baby, Zoe Amelia Savage, 7lbs 7oz, and 20 inches long. Now you can too!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This was the best year of my life

To my very best friend, you know who you are.

At this time one year ago I was lying in bed, thinking of the next morning. A little nervous, a little scared, and yet more excited than I can explain. The next day went by so quickly it was almost a blur, yet I clearly remember thinking that I was the happiest i could ever be. Now I look back and see my foolishness, for of course I am now, surely, as happy as I can be. And yet I believe that I will have a similar expereince next year and the year after, and as many years as I am blessed to grow old with you in.

In the days and month since we were sealed for time and eternity, you have been my greatest support, my biggest fan, my shoulder to cry on. You have been my counselor, and therapist. And best of all my faithful, loving, encouraging wife. Looking back at the trials of the last 12 months, I could not have made it so well without you.

We have had so many adventures, and you put up with me so well. Even when I ask your uncle if he has a cow I can ride, or drag you up Zions Canyon while pregnant, or paint the walls the wrong color, or throw all my tools around because I can't get my oil filter off, or try to carry the ladder with the wall patching plaster ballanced on top and then get furious because I spill it, twice. You're so patient.

I love that you make me laugh. Anyone can be pasionate, but it takes real love to be silly. I love that I can truly be myself around you and I know that you really love who I am. Despite how embarrassing I am, and how gross I am, you still love me.

Of all the strong emotions I have ever felt, anger, pain, frustration, and sorrow, none can compare to the overpowering feeling that nearly knocks me over when I'm with you, or thinking about you, or dreaming about you. Sometimes it even makes me cry, and then I get embarrased.

So thank you Kayla Savage, love of my life. Thank you for your love, and trust. Thank you for the best year of my life. 

Happy anniversary honey. I look forward to the many more to come!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

In memory of the dream


Say it out loud... America. How does it make you feel?

Friday night Kayla and I had the opportunity to attend the Momon Tabernacle Choir concert for pioneer day with guest singers Brian Stokes Mitchell and Linda Eder. For anyone who is familiar with both the Choir and Mitchell it is needless to say that the performance was spectacular. The performance was dedicated to honoring those who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces. These brilliant singers honored those who have fought to defend the freedom of our country with thier vocal talents.

I lack the stunning voice to pay tribute in song, hoever I hope to share my feelings of gratitude through written word.

As I sat enjoying the concert my heart was filled with thanks for the brave men and women who have fought and died to make this country free. Before Linda Eder began to sing she shared about her own gratitude for freedom. She said that we need to realize that freedom is not free, but is paid for with the blood and sweat of brave defenders.

Kayla and I are closing on our house this week, a place that will be our very own, that we will be able to do whatever we want in.

 We attended church this morning. We work where we chose. I go to school where I want and learn what I want. We do with our time and money whatever we choose. We can go where we want and live where we want. We are free.

In Salt Lake City, there is a beautiful park at the mouth of a canyon. It is called Memory Grove and is a beautiful, quiet place where there are several monuments to those from Utah who served their country in combat. It is to these brave ones I owe my gratitude for the freedom I and my family enjoy. I sit in this quiet place and contemplate those who, on a raging battle field full of the sounds of mortars, and bullets and dying men gave all to ensure that their home and their families and their children would be safe, that they would be free.

In our country we have a hard time with heros. Everyone has a bad side, everyone has the skeletons in their closet. All are criticized no matter how noble. Even our founding fathers are belittled by a cynical new generation insistent on marking all their flaws and questioning their motives. Many of those men and women who fought and died were not prim and proper, and perfect. Many were rough and surly. And yet, are they not heros? I believe that they are. That a true hero is known only when tested. Those heros who protected and still protect our freedom have passed the test. In defense of this land, and all the liberties we enjoy here, their mettle shone true, and for me they will forever be true heros. For, although not in every way, in at least one, they have followed that truest hero of all, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He who has truly made us all free from sin, which action required the greatest anguish and pain which any has ever felt, and in the end his life.

So, as we all celebrate this day, even this whole month of July in which we are reminded by our holidays of our great blessing of freedom, let us remember those that have fought and those who have fallen. And let us strive to keep the peace for which they have sacrificed. As a line from the final line fo the concert so aptly states "let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great Expectation

There comes a time when two people temporarily lose their minds. This situation is often triggered by the repeated viewing of adorable children.

In recent times, Kayla has been hired as a nanny for a lady in our ward. She cares for the cutest little 15mo. old girl. Needless to say she came home wanting one of her own after the first day. Me being the kind husband I am, I obliged.

Now that we have come to our senses, we are awestruck at our announcement that we are expecting an addition to our family this October! We are sure that despite my resemblance to a mangled goose, our baby will be the cutest thing since mini gummy bears (which we had at our wedding) thanks to Kayla's magnificent beauty.

All kidding aside (excuse my pun), we are so excited to have a little Savage running around. It will be the first third generation Savage child from Dick and Vicki Savage. Yes we know, Tiffany had the first grandchild, but we have the first Savage! Uncle Trevor has already volunteered to teach such things as smashing faces in cakes, and sticking fingers in mouse traps, should our child not naturally inherit those instincts.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I should be cleaning....

Last night, I should have been cleaning...

Front room- Disaster
Bathroom- Passable
Bedroom- Just plain awful
Kitchen- Complete NIGHTMARE!

well, I started in the kitchen (because I hate it the most..) and well, I guess I accomplished something ...

now, in order for this to be truly amazing, you have to understand, my kitchen is about 2 feet by 2 feet. I am not kidding. these dishes take up the whole darn space!

After my intese laboring over the dishes I needed to take a break. obviously. I cruised around on the internet for a while until I found something amazing. A recipe for Monkey bread! oh how I love monkey bread.. all the ooey gooey goodness! I had missed it so. 

Naturally after working off some calories I needed to replace them as quickly as humanly possible! so, I went to work!

Notice that I am working at my sink and on my filthy stove... yep. I could not be bothered to put the clean dishes away (that will be a mountain to conquer today..). well there it is.. the beautiful ten million thousand calories that keep my buttocks looking large and in charge!

Today maybe I will get a gym membership....

and clean.